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SERVPRO is Prepared to Assist With Your Water Damage

Just imagine grabbing a hamper of laundry, opening the door, and heading down the stairs, and to your amazement the lower level of your home overnight has turne... READ MORE

Candle Starts Fire Causing Smoke Damage

Usually when a quiet evening at home is planned, it is to hang out enjoying the tranquility of one’s own home. Will much to our surprise one night as we ... READ MORE

When Your Property Has Water Damage From A Storm SERVPRO is Here To Help

Big town, small town, home, or business, the path of a storm truly does not pick and choose which will receive water damage. At SERVPRO, your home is just as i... READ MORE

At SERVPRO We are Prepared to Assist With Your Trauma Situation

Daily there are circumstances presented to us, some easier to deal with and others that truly tug at the heart. It’s never easy to receive a call from a p... READ MORE

Hoarding can be hazardous to those living in the environment

It is difficult when you realize your loved one is living in a situation that is unhealthy to them, and their loved ones. It can be an exceedingly difficult si... READ MORE

Mold is Identified and Treated by SERVPRO Technicians

You wake up, you notice spots on the ceiling, and opening the shades, you see the telltale signs of mold there as well. Mold can be caused by too much moisture ... READ MORE

Fire started in the kitchen covered the bathroom with soot from the smoke at home in Lancaster

SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties received a call from a homeowner who had a kitchen fire that had started when a pot of peas was left to cook unattende... READ MORE

Renters Turned a Nice Home Into A Barn for Their Animals

To just look at the before picture one would think folks had been running in and out of the front entrance following during a mud fight. Unfortunately as the ... READ MORE

Storm rolls through Lancaster South Carolina Causing a Wall to Give Way at a Church

With all the crazy weather we are experiencing coast to coast, it is no surprise that a heavy thunder storm rolled through Lancaster South Carolina one evening.... READ MORE

SERVPRO Specializes In Apartment Carpet Cleaning

As a Property Manager for an Apartment Community it is important to schedule a Carpet Cleaning once you become aware of an apartment vacancy. At SERVPRO we are... READ MORE